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Trunk Class Reference

#include <bayonne.h>

Inherited by AculabTrunk [private], CapiTrunk [private], DialogicTrunk [private], DialogicTrunk [private], DummyTrunk, ModemTrunk [private], OH323Trunk [private], PhonedevTrunk [private], PikaTrunk [private], VPBTrunk [private], and ZapataTrunk [private].

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Detailed Description

Bayonne channel port script engine.

We derive a Bayonne server version of ScriptInterp, "Trunk", which holds most common elements of the script engine for Bayonne use. This is also the base of the channel port structure for Bayonne. Drivers will further derive this as "DriverTrunk".

David Sugar <dyfet@ostel.com>

Definition at line 2282 of file bayonne.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned long getCapabilities (void)
ScriptCommand * getCommand (void)
int getDigit (char digit)
unsigned short getDigitMask (const char *keyword=NULL)
unsigned getId (void)
timeout_t getInterdigit (const char *keyword=NULL)
unsigned getMemberId (void)
virtual void getName (char *buffer)=0
bool getOnce (void)
unsigned getSequence (void)
const char * getStation (void)
timeout_t getTimeout (const char *keyword=NULL)
phTonegetTone (void)
trunkmode_t getTrunkMode (void)
bool isAdmin (void)
bool isReady (void)
virtual bool postEvent (TrunkEvent *event)=0
bool recvEvent (TrunkEvent *event)
void setSave (const char *save)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getExtReference (const char *ref)
static ScriptSymbol * getGlobals (void)
static void initLines (void)
static void initPassword (void)
static void load (const char *id)
static void loadPref (const char *id, const char *prefix, const char *dir)
static void save (const char *id)
static void savePref (const char *id, const char *prefix, const char *dir)
static void sync (bool force=false)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void accept (void)
bool attach (const char *scrname)
void commit (Symbol *sym)
void detach (void)
void enterState (const char *state)
virtual const char * getDefaultEncoding (void)
Symbol * getEntry (const char *symname, int size)
virtual unsigned long getIdleTime (void)=0
char ** getInitial (char **args)
virtual const char * getLibexec (void)
const char * getPrefixPath (void)
unsigned long getTrapDefault (void)
const char * getVariable (const char *id)
bool idleHangup ()
virtual void initSyms (void)=0
virtual void reject (void)
void repSymbol (const char *id, const char *data)
bool scrAnswer (void)
bool scrChange (void)
bool scrCommit (void)
bool scrDial (void)
bool scrHold (void)
bool scriptStep (void)
bool scrLogin (void)
bool scrLogout (void)
bool scrOptions (void)
bool scrPassword (void)
bool scrRedirect (void)
bool scrSync (void)
bool scrTransfer (void)
virtual void setDTMFDetect (bool enable)
virtual void setDTMFDetect (void)
void setExclusive (bool enable)
void setIdle (bool mode)
void setList (char **list)
bool setVariable (const char *id, int size, const char *value=NULL)
virtual void stopServices (void)
 Trunk (int port, int card=0, int span=0)
bool trunkSignal (trunksignal_t)
virtual void trunkStep (trunkstep_t step)=0

Protected Attributes

char buffer [65]
trunkdata_t data
bool dialgroup [10]
unsigned digits
Digit dtmf
time_t exittimer
char extNumber [5]
struct {
   bool   audio: 1
   bool   cid: 1
   dtmfmode_t   digits: 2
   bool   dnd: 1
   dspmode_t   dsp: 4
   bool   dtmf: 1
   bool   echo: 1
   bool   offhook: 1
   bool   once: 1
   unsigned   onexit: 1
   bool   ready: 1
   bool   reset: 1
   bool   script: 1
   bool   sent: 1
   bool   timer: 1
   trunkmode_t   trunk: 2
int id
int idle_timer
time_t idletime
Number numbers [6]
unsigned rings
ScriptInterface * script
volatile unsigned seq
unsigned span
time_t starttime
time_t synctimer
execdata_t tgi

Static Protected Attributes

static char digit [16]
static ScriptSymbol globals

Private Member Functions

bool scrAccept (void)
bool scrAlog (void)
bool scrAltPlay (void)
bool scrAltSpeak (void)
bool scrAssign (void)
bool scrAudit (void)
bool scrBusy (void)
bool scrCleardigits (void)
bool scrCollect (void)
bool scrConfig (void)
bool scrControl (void)
bool scrDebug (void)
bool scrDummy (void)
bool scrErase (void)
bool scrExamine (void)
bool scrFlash (void)
bool scrHangup (void)
bool scrHuntinfo (void)
bool scrIdle (void)
bool scrModule (void)
bool scrMove (void)
bool scrPlay (void)
bool scrPolicy (void)
bool scrRecord (void)
bool scrRecvFax (void)
bool scrReject (void)
bool scrSay (void)
bool scrSchedule (void)
bool scrSend (void)
bool scrSendFax (void)
bool scrService (void)
bool scrSignal (void)
bool scrSleep (void)
bool scrSlog (void)
bool scrSpeak (void)
bool scrStart (void)
bool scrStatinfo (void)
bool scrTone (void)
bool scrUserinfo (void)

Private Attributes

char apppath [64]
int cdrc
Line * cdrv
unsigned member


class aaScript
class AudioService
class Driver
class Fifo
class Module
class RPCTransaction
class ScriptInterface
class Service
class TestDebug
class Translator


union  Digit
union  Number

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